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Leading manufacturer of copper-based high-performance

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Our expertise, experience, and training are the foundation of our work today and position us for continued success in the future

Founded in 1959 SCHMELZMETALL AG has developed into a world leader in innovative production of precipitation hardened copper alloys.

Schmelzmetall AG - Ariane-Brennkammer
Thrust chamber of Ariane 5 rocket. Schmelzmetall is since 1996 significantly participating on the developing of the alloy for the thrust chamber

Today SCHMELZMETALL group is a leading manufacturer of high performance alloys. SCHMELZMETALL is represented worldwide by its own subsidiaries and partners. Our HOVADUR® alloys stand for the highest quality at the most compe- titive price/performance ratio.

Based on over five decades worth of first hand expertise in vacuum system copper alloy production we guarantee the highest level of consistency and quality.

The proven capacity to process our product into semi finished and finished parts as well as the ability to apply our knowledge of alloy metallurgy serve as a unique advantage for our customers:

High performance alloys that possess precise properties for meeting specific individual requirements.

HOVADUR® high performance alloys: from raw metal to high quality finished product
Those HOVADUR® alloys manufactured by SCHMELZMETALL are smelted and casted in inductively heated vacuum furnaces. Thanks to this proprietary process, the alloys achieve the highest degree of purity, and acquire special technological properties. Our vacuum process also minimizes negative environmental impacts.

Schmelzmetall AG - Hovadur® B in Getränkekasten-Werkzeug
Hovadur® B in moulds for beverage-crates

The basic materials for all alloys are pure metals such as copper, nickel, cobalt, and master alloys containing chromium, beryllium, zircon etc. The cast weight varies between 500 kg and 1500 kg. According to weight, the metal is cast in one or several moulds.

Our partner companies process the ingots into semi finished products through forging, rolling, extruding, and drawing.

Our mastering of the production process creates customer satisfaction through high quality deliverables
The processing to semi finished products is followed by a heat treatment which is necessary to achieve the required properties such as hardness and high thermal and electrical conductivity.

Schmelzmetall AG - Systemkern fĂĽr Schraubkappen-Werkzeug
Special thread-core in moulds for screw-caps

After the heat treatment the semi finished products are tested for hardness and conductivity. We routinely apply non destructive test protocols such as ultrasonic and eddy current testing as part of our quality control.

HOVADUR® high performance alloys from SCHMELZMETALL are used worldwide
Our products are highly recommended for a variety of industrial applications and are indispensable in many sectors of modern industry.

Schmelzmetall AG - Form zur CD-Beschichtung
Mask for CD-sputtering made of Hovadur® K150

Resistance Welding
Excellent electrical conductivity combined with the specific alloy's maximum hardness produces optimal welding conditions and guarantees the electrodes' high resistance to wear. Due to our proprietary processes our alloys are applied in a wide range of resistance welding techniques such as seam, spot, and cross-wire welding.

Casting-Technology: Light metal die casting and mould casting
HOVADUR® alloys are indispensable in foundry production due to their excellent thermal conductivity. SCHMELZMETALL's advanced manufacturing process provides greater resistance to fire cracking in all of its alloys and allows for the most efficient cooling cycle available.

Plastic injection moulds
SCHMELZMETALL’s HOVADUR® alloys provide an up to ten fold increase in thermal conductivity against other mould materials. This ensures the customer shorter work cycles, higher quality, and longer lasting moulds.

Schmelzmetall AG - 6-fach Schraubkappenwerkzeug
6-cavity mould for screw-cap, mould-insert made of Hovadur® K350, innercore made of Hovadur® K265

Copper products: Special alloys for demanding applications
Electrical engineering
When it comes to reliability and safety our products are indispensable due to their unique physical and mechanical properties and our attention to quality control. Moreover, the specific combination of high electrical conductivity and excellent resistance to wear significantly reduce maintenance and repair cost of our customer’s products.

Schmelzmetall AG - Kontaktfeder fĂĽr Hochstromschalter
Contact spring for electronic switcher for high electric current

Further applications: Your requirements, our expertise
The unique properties of copper alloys present a wide variety of industrial appli- cations. Copper alloys often prove to be most suitable to cope with technological challenges. Due to our expertise we are able to advise our customers how best to implement the right alloys to achieve the optimum solution.

Manufacturing of finished parts – single source supplier Technical advice and engineering
Finished parts

One of SCHMELZMETALL's many strengths is our manufacturing of finished parts according to the customer's specific order. Due to our expertise in producing a wide variety of products we are able to offer competitive pricing across our inventory.

Schmelzmetall AG - Hovatop® Maschinendüse
Hovatop® machine nozzle

Two more advantages of working with SCHMELZMETALL:
– NO hidden costs
– NO production risk

Due to our comprehensive technological knowledge of alloys we are able to analyze the customer’s needs, design a solution, and execute a finished product – consulting from conception to realization.

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Professional  article
Copper alloys and multi-alloy aluminium bronzes
An optimum temperature control does the trick
Shortest cycle time and optimum part quality are the main requirements which have to be met by highquality injection moulds. The main focus lies on the optimum temperature control of the mould. The following article deals with the role of special copper alloys and multi-alloy aluminium bronzes produced by the Schmelzmetall AG.

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